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About us

     Nick Boyland set up the company in 1992 as an engineering garage dealing mainly in restoration, repairs, etc. . His passion has always been with bikes and his free time saw him involved with the building of some show winners throughout the nineties. 

Welcome change

  The latter part of the nineties saw the rise in popularity of the trike as an alternative means of transport and fun. Nick and Rhino trikes soon found themselves in demand  as a builder of practical, affordable, showroom finish trikes.

  15 minutes of fame! Television stardom! Tom Cruise eat yer heart out!

In 2004 Nick had his engineering pedigree put to the test before the eyes of the Nation, when he made his television debut  on channel 4s "Scrapheap Challenge". Nick was recruited to the ranks of RDF media to act as engineering expert to the " Anoraks" team. The program put two trike experts head to head in a "Chariot race" Nicks design helped the Anoraks to win the final in November 2004, they then went on to beat the longstanding champions; "The catalysts" in the grand final!

The present

At Rhino trikes we feel that trikes are becoming so popular, there should be somewhere you can shop where you will find most of the parts you need to build and maintain your trike, so in addition to building trikes, we have now launched the online accessories shop We sell accessories from; Bike it, Highway Hawk, Beanie Helmets (from the USA), Leather flying helmets, Aviators goggles, Rhino trikes merchandise and numerous other bike and trike related goodies Blah Blah Blah....... 

Have a gander at our accessories shop!      

Our free time....?

We don't have any free time, you know why we have no free time? Because of you! Because of your insatiable appetite for our trikes and goodies, your insane obsession for more trikes, bigger trikes, shinier trikes, you wont let us out to play any more.

But we still love you!

The future....?

We want you to send us pictures (and sweeties) of you out enjoying your trikes, not just rhino's but all and any trikes so we can start a pin board of readers rides. Stardom beckons again as Nick is once again recruited by "Scrapheap  Challenge" to act as expert to the "Engine Egg Heads" in series 9 to be shown early 2007! 2006 Rest assured, it will involve trikes and will be fun!

Keep an eye on both this site and our sister site for further developments and new products!

We have now developed a DIY kit* for the Suzuki Intruder range which is a simple bolt on  attachment. The kit is suitable for the VS600cc to  800cc including the more modern S50 Boulevard bikes with a separate kit now available for the VS1400 and S83 Boulevard models. We do not currently build kits for any of the Suzuki IntruderVL range or any other bikes. 

You wanted it, so we have made it! A workshop manual on cd covering all aspects of the Rhino intruder VS 600-800 models for just 14.99 +p&p. We hope to follow shortly with a VS 1400 manual 

We have just finished building this beauty, based on a VL1500 Intruder, it is pretty awesome but it was such a challenge to build you will have to have a few bob on offer to talk me into building another!  


*Some tools and mechanical knowledge required


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