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This year, I advanced past a certain age when men start to behave strangely, no not the age when they start looking at younger women, older than that. Sidecars, classic cars, two seater sports cars and sensible shoes, all these things were on my potential shopping list.
I started buying the glossy mags; top gear, performance bikes, then in a moment of madness, I purchased a magazine called: Back Street Heroes, I saw something that fair took my breath away, all the power and glory of a huge v twin motorcycle, but with a third wheel to support my aging frame!I was smitten!
The following weekend saw me scouring the small ads to no avail, nothing else for it then; the following week I was winging my way down into the depths of the Somerset countryside to the home of Rhino trikes and it's congenial proprietor; Nick Boyland.
Tea was consumed and options discussed. I left two hours later having lunched heartily at the Bell Inn in Winsham and having parted with the princely sum of 500 as a deposit for a Rhino VS 1400 trike.
Around 8 weeks later, I got the call to tell me my trike was ready!
I spent the next few days unable to sleep like an excited child, then she was there on the drive!
In a gorgeous silver and cream livery she was my trike, sitting there, looking as good as brand new!
It took me a little while to master the riding, but I have to say, she is quite easy to maneuver. The handling is much better than I had expected, with the unique suspension giving a comfortable ride without too much body roll. Riding her sensibly she is amazingly light on the steering, riding aggressively and your shoulder muscles get an excellent aerobic workout. (I am trying to get one that my wife can steer with her arse!)
I have had her a little over 3 months now and have managed to cover 7000 trouble free miles!
Congratulations to Nick Boyland for managing to design a trike which is such a joy to own that it has made a semi wrinkly look forward to a long life of trike riding. I only wish I could have had it 30 years earlier. But then, I couldn't have afforded her then, besides, Nick would still have been in school (just!)
If you are in the market for some good old fashioned fun and adventure and you've got a bit of cash under the mattress, get yourself down to Somerset and get Nick to build you a Rhino trike. Visit Rhino trikes and tell them grinning Neil sent you!


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